There is a two-part voting process to find the FMX Award winners. Firstly, a Selection Panel of FMX experts and leading FMX editors, writers and broadcasters from several countries vote to create a shortlist of a maximum five nominations in each category.
Following FMX experts worked on the list for the FMX Awards nominations 2013:
    •    Tobias Hannig (
    •    Adam Simpson (Loko FMX Magazine/UK)
    •    Dominika Jochymska (Sportainment/Poland)
    •    Jose Gaspar (
    •    Jörg Hotzel (NIGHT of the JUMPs)
    •    Jimmy Verburgh (FMX4ever/Belgium)
    •    Steve Prize (Events22/UK)
    •    Oliver Schran (
    •    Marco Roth (Wrecking Crew, Headjuge NIGHT of the JUMPs/Germany)
    •    Sebastian Wolter (motoX Magazine/Germany)
    •    Soeren Sellmer (NIGHT of the JUMPs)
    •    Chris Elliot (
    •    Allan Potts (FMX GB)
    •    Oliver Franke (Berlinièros Sports Agency)